Healthy Pathways Project

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YW3CA Healthy Pathways Project - Building a Strong Foundation for a Better Future

Healthy Pathways Project

Empowering youth to choose wisely, to build healthy relationships, and to find their voices creates a foundation for youth to succeed in school, in their future careers, and in relationships, and to thrive into adulthood.

YW’s Healthy Pathways Project works with youth—and their families—to help them make the healthy choices that will follow them throughout their lives. What began as simple nutrition and fitness education for girls, Healthy Pathways Project has grown to include enrichment, leadership, and empowerment for girls, interactive cooking classes for families, and fitness for preschool children.

Healthy Choices for Girls

A vital component of YWCA Tri-County Area’s mission is the empowerment of girls. Healthy Choices provides mentoring and leadership activities for adolescent girls who are coming of age, discovering their self-identities, challenging parents and teachers, and forging new relationships. Healthy Choices guides girls in learning leadership skills, establishing health and wellness habits, and building relationships with peers and adults.  Healthy Choices for Girls has a demonstrated positive impact on the lives of 400 girls each year, helping them build the confidence, self-esteem, and well-being to achieve in peer, family and school relationships, in academics, and in future educational and career pursuits.


Healthy Pathways Programs

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