Family Engagment

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Family Engagement

YW’s family engagement approach is based on building protective factors in families by helping them build skills and relationships that will increase their resilience, increase social connections, provide support in times of need, offer education in parenting and child development, and increase social-emotional competence of children.

Increasing parental resilience will help parents better respond to transition, change, stress, challenge, and adversity. Monthly information sessions will cover positive parenting skills and other related topics of interest to families. We support families as they navigate any referrals to resources that will help them manage stressful situations, or that will help children with their education and development. We will help parents build the knowledge and skills they need to grow in leadership as they learn to advocate for their children, for their children’s education, and for their families.

Family Cooking Matters

Another Healthy Pathways Project program, engages parents in a hands-on parent-child cooking and nutrition series focusing on healthy food choices and preparation. Parents and children together meet in YW’s Community Kitchen to prepare a healthy meal, or meet at a grocery store, where they tour the store to discover the variety of foods available, learn to read and understand food labeling, and choose ingredients for a healthy meal.

Keep Connected for Strengthening Family Relationships

Middle school years are a time of big change for all kids and their families. It’s easy for families to get disconnected as kids grow and other demands pull families apart. As a result, many middle schools, out-of-school-time programs, family service organizations and faith communities and others struggle to engage parents and families meaningfully. We have put together an interactive workshop series called Keep Connected for middle school parents and youth to help them prepare for the changes they will be facing as they enter into the teen years.