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Adult Education and Training Center

Adult education at YWCA Tri-County Area’s Education and Training Center empowers adult learners in building a strong foundation for workplace success. Our instructors are educated, experienced, and supportive – ready to help you reach your professional goals, one step at a time. It’s our mission to treat every one of our students with dignity & respect.

ETC offers FREE:

  • Adult Basic Education and high school equivalency classes. For adults who have left high school, earning a PA Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma increases the chances of earning a living wage, or qualifying for further education. Through YW’s adult education classes, adult learners can improve basic academic skills and prepare to take the GED or HiSET exam.
  • English as a Second Language to improve skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening in English while learning more about U.S. culture and lifestyle.
  • Individual tutoring for focused learning in math and reading.

Each student receives personal attention and ongoing support in setting education and job goals, and in identifying and reducing any obstacles that may get in the way of success (transportation, child care, etc.).


YW’s Education and Training Center is supported by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Connelly Foundation, the Thomas Taylor Trust, and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, and by members of the community.

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To enroll, call:

610-326-7323 (Pottstown)

610-427-5830 (Norristown)

Adult Education and Training Center, at ETC@ywcatricountyarea.org

Registration is OPEN for both Pottstown & Norristown locations!


ETC Class Sessions

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4

Pottstown Class Schedule

Class TypeDays OfferedTime Offered
High School EquivalencyMonday-ThursdayAM / PM
English as a Second LanguageTuesday & ThursdayAM
English as a Second LanguageMonday & ThursdayPM

Norristown Class Schedule

Class TypeDays OfferedTime Offered
High School EquivalencyMonday-ThursdayPM
English as a Second LanguageMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayPM

Now offering ONLINE LEARNING for Morning High School Diploma Classes and English as a Second Language!


Chris was three weeks away from graduating from Pottstown High School when he dropped out of school. An emancipated teenager at 17, Chris, now 31, had worked a variety of jobs – fast food, retail, general labor. After losing his most recent job – and marrying and starting a family – he researched options for school, and was directed to YW’s Education and Training Center, where he found support and encouragement. “After I lost my job, I thought: This is my chance,” he said. “I realized that all I’m going to do is go from one dead-end job to another.” After five weeks of study, he was ready to take the five-part high school equivalency test, and has earned his diploma.
Brian’s parents enrolled him in a cyber charter school in 9th grade. He said he lacked support from his parents and from the school, and failed 9th grade three times. Trusted adults encouraged him to leave school and enroll in adult education programs. At YW’s Education and Training Center, Brian found “not a group of students with a teacher, but a group of adults together for a common goal.”
Colin struggled in school with dyslexia, and was distracted with issues at home. He said his teachers had required him to repeat so many classes that they encouraged him to leave school. He was having difficulty finding jobs without a diploma, and was told by an employer that he needed a diploma to advance. “What a perfect time to go back to school,” Colin said. “I was scared, but everyone (at the Education and Training Center) said ‘You can do this, and this is how we’ll help you get there.’ Everyone is willing to help you. It’s amazing.”

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