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Racism, Trauma, and What’s Next

Virtual 6 Part Summer Series – conversations surrounding racial and social justice.

From the very founding of YWCAs, social justice has always been a major priority that serves as a pillar of our organization. YWCA has a rich history of social justice and advocacy efforts including our nationally recognized annual Stand Against Racism and Week Without Violence events and activities that take place across the United States.  Our organizational mission is vital and clear: we strive, through a variety of programs, issue education, and services, to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

YWCA Tri-County Area presents this Racism, Trauma, and What’s Next series through three mediums: webinars, book studies, and movie analysis. Through these forms of issue education it is our goal to host courageous conversations about racism and inequality present in the many facets of our culture and society.

Many have said that we need to have a conversation about racism and inequality. We agree that it is always important to have deep and constructive conversations and discussions about race and racism, and then we must turn our talk into action.

Following every Webinar or Issue Education opportunity there will be a call to action which may include the following: contacting US Senators demanding senate to restore the voting rights act (H.R.1) to reduce voter suppression as we plan for November voter elections, policy change and/or reform,  assisting local and neighboring communities with gaps they are experiencing, engage local and state leaders to demand policy change and/or reform, etc.


Webinar #1What's Next: Race, Justice, & PolicingJune 24, 2020
Issue Education: Book StudyWhite Fragility by Robin DiAngeloBegins July 6, 2020
Webinar #2What's Next: Trauma Responsive PracticesJuly 15, 2020
Issue Education: Movie Analysis13th Directed by Ava DuVernayJuly 27, 2020
Issue Education: Book StudySo You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma OluoWinter
Issue Education: Movie AnalysisAmerican Son Directed by Kenny LeonAugust 24, 2020
Stacey Woodland, CEO of YWCA Tri-County
While slavery may have been America's original sin, it sure has found plenty of other ways to transgress against black people since.
Stacey Woodland, YW3CA CEO

Issue Education Book Study: White Fragility by Robin DeAngelo – REGISTRATION CLOSED

YWCA Tri-County Area is excited to offer our Issue Education Book Study as the second session for this advocacy series. All change begins with conversation, and YW’s advocacy series’ goal is to start the conversation about race, racism, and inequality present in the many facets of our culture and society.

This book study will focus on “White Fragility” by Robin DeAngelo. As a participant we encourage you to purchase the book, but it is not mandatory to be part of the conversation. However, we would like to note that individuals interested in purchasing the book may do so via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, through a local bookstore, or via a virtual tablet (Kindle, Nook, etc.).

You do not have to read any of the book to be prepared for the first session. For this session, we will introduce the literature, provide introductions of our discussion leaders, review Courageous Conversation practices, and offer homework for the following session. Most importantly, we will be establishing ground rules for the following biweekly discussions centered around privilege, racism, and social justice.

This book study will occur virtually every other Monday at 6 pm on the following dates: July 6, July 20, August 3, August 17, August 31, September 14, and September 28. We will send out reminder emails to those who have registered with the Zoom link to access the event the day of each session.

Webinar #1: Racism, Justice, & Policing

The first session of this virtual 6 part summer series is a webinar hosted by YWCA Bucks and YWCA Tri-County Area leaders. They will host a conversation with local and state police officers addressing topics such as deescalation techniques, understanding racial bias and racism, addressing police accountability and more.

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Race, Justice, & Policing: Panelist Biographies

Missed Webinar #1: Race, Justice, & Policing?? Check out the recording anytime!

Webinar #2: Trauma Responsive Practices

July 15, 2020 6 pm-8 pm

YWCA Tri County Area Association will be hosting an online forum to discuss racial justice trauma as it relates to the inequalities seen within our communities of color.   This forum is a direct response to the recent disparities individuals have experienced during our COVID-19 pandemic and racial (in)justices we observed in light of the deaths of George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, Rashard Brooks, and Ahmaud Arbery. We seek to inspire a dialogue that will support education, community healing and share tools that promote racial justice, eliminating racism, diversity and inclusion and community safety for all.

We have extended an invitation to attend this virtual event to community groups, schools, community partners, mental health providers, and concerned community members in effort to support YWCA Tri-County Area as we take a stand against racism. We will be asking our panel to respond to several questions pertaining to one’s mental health giving consideration to the two public health crisis the country is facing, with a goal of transitioning to a new normal while ensuring a practice of inclusion, equality, and diversity.

We aim to engage our viewers in a conversation that will address mental health of families and racial justice as it relates to COVID-19 and the countless deaths happening in America.

Webinar #2: Panelists

Missed Webinar #2: Trauma Responsive Practices?? Check out the recording anytime!
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