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YW3CA Ambassador Program

YWCA Tri-County Area is a non-profit social justice organization dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. The YW3CA Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for advocates who are interested in promoting and therefore representing YWCA Tri-County Area and our mission in the community. By becoming an ambassador of YWCA Tri-County Area, you will aid in broadcasting the work we do daily, and as a result help create real change for women, girls, families, and communities. Thank you for your belief in the value of YWCA.

YW3CA Ambassadors are encouraged to:

  • Increase public awareness of our programs and events;
  • Actively share our posts, photos, and events on multiple social media platforms;
    • Average of 5 shares per week (across platforms);
  • Network with others who have a similar commitment to our community;
  • Receive newsletters, e-mail updates, and other information about YWCA programming;
  • Sport Ambassador bumper magnet in public

YW3CA will support each ambassador by:

  • Highlighting each ambassador on the website;
  • Sharing their profile on YWCA Tri-County Area’s social media platforms;
  • Providing message assistance, post templates, and shareable media;
  • Providing a resume building opportunity that will show off their philanthropic side of self to the community
  • Supplying YWCA Tri-County Area merchandise (pen, pin, ambassador card, bumper sticker)

When you commit to becoming a YW3CA Ambassador, you will play a critical role in expanding our organization’s reach and above all, community awareness. Ambassadors are dedicated to supporting and celebrating YWCA Tri-County Area’s mission-based work. Become a YW3CA Ambassador today of the oldest and largest women’s multicultural membership organization.

For questions or more information, contact:

Sarah Stump

Communications Coordinator

610-323-1888 ext. 230

Diane Lauer Hallman

Chief Philanthropy Officer

610-323-1888 ext. 218

Become a YW3CA Ambassador Today!