WE360 Women’s Entrepreneurship Course

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WE360 Women’s Entrepreneurship Course

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YWCA Tri-County Area invites women who strive to run their own businesses to join a network of other women entrepreneurs in a new program called WE 360.

What is WE360?

WE (Women’s Entrepreneurship) 360 is a free online program that guides women through the processes of starting, growing, and sustaining businesses while providing them with educational tools to increase their knowledge and confidence as entrepreneurs.

Women will gain support in turning their ideas into thriving businesses with the help of the online consulting service Ureeka. Ureeka was founded in 2018 to focus on helping entrepreneurs build success in business, and includes peer support in addition to instruction and guidance. Women joining WE 360 become lifetime members of the Ureeka community.

“WE 360 is a unique opportunity for female entrepreneurs,” said Jennie Jamieson, the program’s coordinator and an instructor at YW’s Adult Education and Training Center. The Ureeka online community and curriculum “is designed to help business owners at any level grow, find legitimate funding sources, and learn from mentors.”

Ideal for:

  • Aspiring or budding entrepreneurs of any age
  • Main Street and “mom & pop” businesses
  • Farmers market vendors, online sellers
  • Small businesses, job creators
  • Full-time employees looking to start their own business

“This program gives women the opportunity to participate in an all-female entrepreneur community,” Jamison said. “The curriculum is easy to follow, and the online community is warm and engaging. From group chats to coaching office hours, women of all ages and entrepreneurship levels can benefit from the experience.”

Women participating in WE 360 also may co-enroll in YW’s adult education or workforce navigation programs; high school equivalency, English as a Second Language, and career preparation support is available to those interested.

How to Get Involved

An online assessment and registration form is available at www.ywcatricountyarea.org under the “What We Do” tab.  The form will help the program coordinator group entrepreneurs with similar experience together for peer support.

For more information, please contact Jennie Jamieson at WE360@ywcatricountyarea.org

WE 360 is a national program of YWCA USA, and is sponsored by the Coca-Cola Foundation.