Fall Fun with YW CHAMPS

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Fall Fun with YW CHAMPS

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2020 has been a year none of us have imagined. Although it’s been incredibly difficult for many, we’ve made it to the beautiful fall season in October and will continue uplifting our communities through educational programming and services.

October begins a new session of fun activities through our Youth Empowerment Program. Although our Youth Empowerment Program team serves students across Berks, Chester, and Montgomery counties, we also stay right at home and serve the children in our Early Education Center in Pottstown.

YW C.H.A.M.P.S. or YW Children Health and Movement Program Series, consists of weekly nutrition education, stress reduction techniques, mindfulness and physical education programming. The goal of this program series is to increase preschoolers knowledge and attitudes about healthy eating and movement.

To start off the fall season, YW C.H.A.M.P.S. facilitators Miss Dionna and Mr. Ken brought a few fall themed snacks and games to get our preschoolers moving and grooving. This week’s theme was Fantastic Fall! The class began by discussing all the fantastic things about fall. Each student shared why they like fall – the overwhelming majority said they love watching the leaves change colors.

With that being said, they decided to facilitate an outdoor movement activity using the classroom’s parachute and the freshly fallen red, yellow, orange, brown leaves. The leaves bounced all over the place making most of class giggle with joy.

To continue with the Fantastic Fall theme, each YW C.H.A.M.P.S. session includes a fun, healthy snack. This week’s snack was Apple Pie in a Cup. Before handing out the snack, Miss Dionna enjoyed asking the students what their favorite fall food was – and she got some great (not necessarily fall themed) answers!

“My favorite food is pizza!”

“Mine is Mac and Cheese!”

“I like oranges!”

“I like apples!”

As they passed out the snack, Mr. Ken brought out one of his favorite fall-themed books: The Apple Pie Tree. As the kids enjoyed their snack, they listened intently to Mr. Ken as he read aloud what turned out to be quite a silly story.

Our Youth Empowerment Program team loves working with children and youth, providing them with a safe space to have fun and enjoy being a kid. Although YW C.H.A.M.P.S. is not a new program to the YW, it is one of the favorite programs of our students.

YWCA Tri-County Area has openings available in our Early Education Center. Enrolling your child at our center means access to amazing programs like YW C.H.A.M.P.S.! For more information, and to begin the enrollment process for your child, please click here.