Mission Movement – Conscious Discipline

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Mission Movement – Conscious Discipline

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Opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive every day in our Early Education Center.

YW3CA’s Early Education Center helps children and families achieve emotional and physical well-being and school readiness through affordable, high-quality preschool education.

More than 120 children ages 6 months to 6 years old are enrolled in the infant/toddler, preschool, Early Head Start, and Pre-K Counts classrooms. Classroom teachers and aides utilize Conscious Discipline as social-emotional modeling guidelines.

In addition to implementing Conscious Discipline curricula, staff also infuses the Size Pillars of Character into everyday programming. Social/emotional learning activities focus on one of the Six Pillars of Character-  trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship –  each week.

Conscious Discipline is a social/emotional learning tool which recognizes all behaviors, both positive and negative, as a moment to teach a new skill. Staff use the principles of Conscious Discipline to model positive behaviors designed to defuse emotional situations, teach positive communications skills, help children develop and practice skills to control their emotions and reactions to others’ behavior, and give dignity to all children so that all have opportunity for success.

Simply put,

Traditional Discipline: Conflict is a disruption to the learning process

Conscious Discipline: Conflict is an opportunity to teach.

We are in year three with the implementation of Conscious Discipline and have so many examples of children treating each other with more respect, willing to work through challenges (using the Time Machine) and asking to “Wish Well” when others appear to have difficulty. The behaviors in our school age and preschool group have drastically reduced. The relationships developing with teachers are genuine and result in less time needed to calm students in situations of conflict.

We’d love for your child to join us! Enrollment is open in our Early Education Center and we’d love to welcome your child into our supportive, empowering classroom. Learn more and begin the enrollment application today at: https://www.ywcatricountyarea.org/we-educate-we-empower/early-education-center/.

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Mission Movement - Conscious DisciplineMission Movement - Conscious Discipline