Virtual Empowerment Programs

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Virtual Empowerment Programs

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This past week we were thrilled to host our 3rd Virtual Meet Up for Great Girls Today, for girls in 4th-6th grade!

Every Wednesday night from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm, our Youth Empowerment Program team offers their free programming virtually – Great Girls Today. Every Great Girls Today session begins with a Brain Smart Start – a fantastic resource available through Conscious Discipline curriculum. The Brain Smart Start brings everyone together to Unite – Shake off Stress – Connect – & Commit to something togther.

This past week, the girls stretched areas of their bodies that hold stress and did some concentrated, breathing exercises. These breathing exercises help the girls feel grounded. Following these breathing exercises, Miss Kristie helped to lead a mindful minute and the students committed to sending well wishes to each other while together online.

After these powerful warm up exercises, together the girls and the Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) team said their YW3CA Pledge:

I pledge to partner with YW3CA to eliminate racism, empower girls & women in my life and to promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all where I go.

At the beginning of every meeting, the YEP team shares a poll that includes questions that ask about the students’ social emotional attitudes and behaviors. Girls answer the questions and the results are shared out and discussed together as a group later in the hour.

We emailed and asked girls to gather some materials outside for our Nature Craft. The YEP team knows getting exercise and fresh air right now is so important for our mental health – it does wonders for our kids & teens who are now trying to navigate all the screen time all the time – even as they are doing their school work. So the YEP team emailed and asked the girls to gather some materials outside for a Nature Craft. Everyone came together and shared their creative creations. Miss Kristie shared her screen and everyone got to view large mural art projects that incorporated nature in the presentation.

They finished the session by playing ‘I Spy’ together and laughed when they still couldn’t find everything and needed help from one another.

Our Youth Empowerment Team is so excited to be able to offer their free program virtually! Check out all the programming available at: