Supporting Youth Empowerment

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Supporting Youth Empowerment

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Educational, enrichment, leadership, and mentoring opportunities for youth in the Pottstown area will expand through a five-year commitment of support to YWCA Tri-County Area from the Home for Orphans Foundation of Odd Fellows of Pennsylvania.

The Home for Orphans Foundation has pledged $50,000 over five years to YW’s Youth Empowerment Programs, which provide enrichment and education in academics, career exploration, life skills, and leadership development to youth ages 3-18.

Over the next five years, YW will design, develop, and implement programming in science, technology, engineering, and math, in arts and culture, and in literacy that will add bring new learning methods and technology to youth in YW’s after-school and youth programs. For instance, The Walking Classroom, a podcast-based curriculum, combines fitness and literacy as students walk as they listen to topics from language arts to sciences.  Each podcast also includes a “character value” that relates to the educational message: persistence, reliability, respect, or resilience.

YW’s Youth Empowerment program also will develop a mentoring program for youth, opening opportunities for youth to be paired with adult volunteer mentors. Youth also will have access to a computer lab for educational games and other learning.

“It is so refreshing and exciting to work with a funder that has a shared long-term view for our youth and is willing to invest long-term in our outcomes,” said Kelly Grosser, YW’s director for Youth Empowerment Programs.  “Home for Orphans Foundation is progressive in this multi-year funding model and we are so grateful to be working in partnership with them.  The positive impact on the youth we serve will be measurable and worthwhile.”

In addition to enhancements to YW’s youth programming, the Home for Orphans Foundation project will partner with the Franklin Institute to bring the museum’s traveling show to YWCA Tri-County Area, Pottstown Public Library, and Montgomery County – Norristown Public Library.

YW’s Youth Empowerment Programs includes after-school STEAM enrichment; leadership, life skills, career exploration, and wellness programming for adolescent girls; cooking and nutrition classes for families; and nutrition and fitness practice for preschool children.

The Home for Orphans Foundation is a philanthropic project of the Odd Fellows of Pennsylvania, supporting programs and services for children 16 and under.

YWCA Tri-County Area is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. YW3CA is a leader in advocacy for women and girls, works to eliminate racism, and empowers women through quality affordable childcare, adult literacy, and a host of programs to support the health and vitality of women, girls, and families.

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