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Our Mission – Empowered Adult Education

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Nicole Scott was inspired by her daughter to go back and finish her high school diploma. She didn’t know where to start, so she googled adult GED classes near me. What she found ended up changing her life for the better.

Nicole is currently a college student at Montgomery County Community College. She majors in Human Services. She plans to transfer to Chestnut Hill for Human Services and eventually go on to get her Master’s degree. She’s a mother of 4 and she also owns two businesses. With all of those responsibilities, she was still able to find time to finish her High School Diploma with the help of YWCA Tri-County Area (YW3CA).

Nicole first enrolled in YW3CA’s Adult Education & Training Center programs almost two years ago. She had previously tried to get her GED on her own and could not conquer the math section.

Before enrolling this past year, she had enrolled with YW3CA and was overwhelmed with starting a second business. She was intimidated by math again and stopped attending after just a month.

After starting the her second business and quitting the program the first time, she had a moment of self-assessment. She felt like she wasn’t fulfilled. She realized that her education is more important than running a second business. At this time, her 19-year-old was in high school and Nicole realized her daughter was about to graduate before her. Her daughter inspired her to go back and get her diploma.

So she enrolled again and everything was different. The math tutors were extremely helpful. “It also made a huge difference to be around other students that were at the same educational level as me,” Nicole reminisces.

Nicole enjoyed her math tutor sessions so much that she stayed up until 1 o’clock in the morning many nights continuing to work on her math.

“Once you feel good with what you’re learning and you feel like you  know what you’re learning that it’s easy to want to do the work and get it done. I was truly inspired to learn once I got the confidence in myself in what I was learning,” Nicole states.

Nicole loved learning in small classes where she didn’t feel intimidated. She never felt overwhelmed or nervous about attending class. She could see that the curriculum and the course work is catered to where each student was as a learner.

“I feel the need to spread the word about the programs at the YWCA. It made me feel like I could do anything. Especially because your mission is empowering women, I felt empowered to finish my education.”

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