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Summer, Please Restart Yourself

Categories: Early Education Center, News

Camp Adventures has come to an end…but the memories will last forever.

The final week of camp came with a number of challenges and also some pretty exciting events.

To start off the week, an awesome Field Day was planned for Monday. Unfortunately, the weather was not in the mood to cooperate. The Camp Adventures team improvised and ended up having an indoor dance party and plenty of arts and crafts to express to help our campers express their creative side!

As the week continued and the bus arrived to camp on Tuesday, there was only one thing on many of the campers’ mind: the end of year Talent Show. Our older campers have been looking forward for this event all summer! The older groups had been planning a step show and a dance performance to present at the end of year Talent show.

Tuesday was a true August day, heat-advisory and all. Because of the weather, most of the afternoon was spent cooling off by the pool. Our campers loved spending time at the massive pool, learning how to swim, understanding water safety, and playing with friends!

Wednesday was one of the best days at camp. Everyone slowly made their way to the pavilion by the pool for the highly anticipated Talent Show. The show began with an impressive step performance by the older girls group. Lead by Counselor Ms. Chandeleir, the girls brought energy, enthusiasm, and tons of spirit to their incredible performance.

Following their performance, the older boys showed Camp Adventures energy by bringing some awesome moves to their routine. Following a medley of music, the boys put together quite the original dance performance.

To follow the incredible performances, a Camp Adventures BBQ was made by none other than Coach Ken (joined by a few helpers of course). That afternoon concluded with a great meal and some more fun in the pool.

A very rainy Friday closed out the end of Camp Adventures. Unfortunately for most of the morning on the last day of camp, our campers had to stay indoors. Unfortunately, the Camp Adventures crew had to leave French Creek a little early due to another group using the camp site the following weekend.

Luckily everyone got to come back to YW3CA’s Early Education Center and close out the summer playing games and enjoying activities in the gym.

This summer was an incredible opportunity for campers ages 4-12 to see nature, express their creativity through art workshops, expand their knowledge in S.T.E.M. education, and swim in the beautiful French Creek State Park pool. All of our partners, both the French Creek Pool team and the French Creek Facilities management team were extremely helpful and friendly throughout the entire summer.

We’re looking forward to another great summer this year, but are absolutely thrilled to start the school year strong!

To learn more about Camp Adventures, click here! Or contact Ken Trusty, Camp Manager, at ktrusty@ywcatricountyarea.org.