Empowerment through Education – Open House

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Empowerment through Education – Open House

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Our Adult Education & Training Center is hosting an Open House on Thursday, August 29, from 2-4pm.

We’re excited to welcome the community to
see our new space and learn about our programs. Although we are fairly new to Norristown, we are hoping to collaborate with other local organization’s focused on serving the community.


YWCA Tri-County Area’s Education and Training Centers in Pottstown and Norristown empower adult learners to find freedom and dignity through education.

At both of our centers, we offer English as a Second Language classes and High School Equivalency classes. All courses and programs through our Adult Education & Training Center are completely free.

Adult learners are welcome to improve their reading, math, and writing skills through our center. We also offer tutoring in classroom settings, in small groups, or in custom one-on-one sessions.

English as a Second Language instruction helps non-native English speakers improve their speaking, reading, and writing in English.

Our YW3CA staff also assist people with the U.S. citizenship application process, helping with form completion and interview preparation. This task can often be overwhelming and confusing but we’re here to help!

On top of all this, a full-time case manager works one-on-one with adult learners to address barriers to achieving educational and career goals and offers guidance in building soft employment skills.

With all of these incredible resources available, why wouldn’t you want to stop in and see for yourself? We look forward to welcoming the community into our center in just less than a week.

To learn more about the programs, or enroll, please contact Veronica Barna, Director of Adult Education & Training Center, at 610-427-5830 or vbarna@ywcatricountyarea.org.

Through Dollar General Literacy Foundation, YWCA Tri-County Area’s Adult Education & Training Center is able to thrive and offer these incredible opportunities.