Peace, Love and Cupcakes – YEP Field Trip

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Peace, Love and Cupcakes – YEP Field Trip

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We’re getting excited for this Friday’s “Sweet” Field Trip!

Through the Youth Empowerment Program here at YW3CA, Great Girls Today are headed on a field trip this Friday! They will be traveling to the Dutch Apple Theatre in Lancaster for a very special show.

“Peace, Love and Cupcakes” is an inspiring story about a young Kylie Carson navigating her scary, unfriendly middle school. Her sweet solution: form a cupcake club for anyone seeking friendship.

Unfortunately, the cupcake club faces some challenges, the biggest of all – jealousy. The show bakes up some valuable life lessons and is based off of the bestselling children’s book by Sheryl and Carrie Berk. Most importantly, this tale drives home the message of empathy, love, and the power of young people to change the world.

The Youth Empowerment team is ecstatic to spend the day with Great Girls Today participants enjoying this “sweet” field trip!

Having fun with new and old friends is just one way we take care of ourselves –  that’s the plan for Friday!

YW3CA’s Youth Empowerment Program empowers youth with knowledge and life skills needed to lead healthy lifestyles, succeed in school and in their relationships. This program for girls helps them cultivate health habits surrounding nutrition, fitness, and stress-reduction. Accountability, goal-setting, resilience, confidence, and self-care are just some of the positive behaviors developed in this program.

Great Girls Today is a program for 4th-6th grade girls packed full of all things girl. Program focus areas include managing stress, fitting in, relationships, body image, staying healthy, planning for the future, and more!

Along with Great Girls Today, YW3CA’s Youth Empowerment Program also runs Girls in Charge, Girls Take the Lead, All.Girl! Leadership & Wellness Convention, YW CHAMPS, and more!

For more information about our Youth Empowerment Program, contact Kelly Grosser, Program Director, at or call 610-323-1888 ext. 251.

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