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Creating Healthy Change – Yoga as a Tool for Life

Categories: Youth Empowerment Program

Youth Empowerment Program is stretchin’ and unstressin’ with Pottstown Middle School.

YWCA Tri-County Area (YW3CA)’s Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) is thrilled to bring yoga to Pottstown School District. This past school year they were selected to be a part of the Art of Yoga Project‘s (AYP) National Affiliate Program. YW3CA is 1 of 15 organizations to be selected from across the entire United States.

YEP Director Miss Kelly and YEP Coordinator Miss Kristie have flown all the way to California to learn and train for AYP’s Yoga and Creative Arts Curriculum. This curriculum incorporates health education, character development, physical discipline (yoga), mental discipline (meditation), and creative arts therapy.

Our YEP team is happy to bring such a beneficial program to the community. Pottstown School District welcomes Miss Kelly and Miss Kristie as leaders of a Diversion program for girls. These students often find themselves facing disciplinary action at school. Guidance counselors identified students who would benefit from a program like this.

YW3CA’s Art of Yoga Program runs twice a week during the school year.

Goals for this program focus on a variety of mental, physical, and emotional factors. Miss Kelly and Miss Kristie strive to teach each teen how to identify the issues that cause them to make poor choices. This program also teaches girls how to manage their anger and impulses. Along with these priorities, they focus on educating the girls to become accountable for their actions. This helps them to develop a productive outlet for their emotions and dreams.

Each session begins with a rigorous, strengthening yoga practice and continues with a creative arts activity. Throughout the class, trained facilitators lead discussions on themes such as non-violence, tolerance, sexual ethics, and integrity.

YW3CA’s Youth Empowerment Program empowers youth with knowledge and life skills needed to lead healthy lifestyles. Art of Yoga aids in their goal to educate local youth to cultivate healthy habits and develop positive behaviors like confidence, self-care, and resilience.