Bike for a Better Tomorrow

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There are things that change as we get older, some for the better, others for the worse. One thing that has not changed for myself has been my love for traveling by bicycle.
Nathan Lenker, Pottstown Native

“From my earliest years I would ride my bike to visit friends or run errands. Whether it be to Manatawny Park to rope swing into the river or going all the way to the Coventry Mall to buy the latest Super Tecmo Bowl. Often I would take lesser known roads in order to avoid vehicle traffic, going at a slower pace I was able to discover little hidden jems, that in most circumstances would’ve been overlooked or avoided all together if I were confined in a vehicle. A series of bike tracks and ramps hidden in a secluded section of woods, an old advertising mural on the side of a garage in an alley way faded with time. Now with my children older, I’m able to share my enthusiasm of adventure, discovery, and exercise, and in the process hopefully impact them as developing human beings.

Pottstown, the town I grew up in has changed also, some say for the worse. Violence seems to be on the rise, buildings and streets have deteriorated. But a handful of organizations are making a difference for the better, many of which are located in the heart of town, providing a home for learning, empowering and creative energy.”

Donate to the Bike-ride & YW3CA!

“This June, Jensen and I will be traveling from Chicago to Philadelphia on our bicycles, a total of 1100+ miles. We’ll be trying to do this in 11 days. It is my wish that I could receive pledges for some of these area non profits. So much $ for every 100 miles we ride, or a flat amount. You can simply email your pledge, during the course of our ride I will be making posts on Facebook updating you on our progress. Once home, I’ll email you our total mileage and the total amount of your pledge.”

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Nathan and Jensen Lenker
Donate to the Bikeride & YW3CA!
The YWCA fills a great need for our community. My daughter Yuri has been attending their Youth Empowerment Program and has found significant value in the messages and activities presented to her. Whether it's talking about the roles women play in the family or the career goals and challenges they will come to face as they grow into adulthood. All of this and much more is presented in fun, positive, and constructive group discussions and physical demonstrations. I'm proud to bring support and awareness to this organization to help promote Future Leaders in our community.
Nathan Lenker, Pottstown Native
YW3CA's Youth Empowerment Program

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Other Benefiting Non-Profits - Biking for a Better Tomorrow!

Steel River Playhouse

Steel River Playhouse seeks to strengthen community, inspire creative exploration, educate, and entertain, through the presentation of quality performing arts events and education for diverse audiences.

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Art Fusion 19464

Art Fusion 19464 strives to enrich the lives of residents in the greater Pottstown area through the visual arts, regardless o ethnicity and economic situations. Their goal is to spark creativity, build self-confidence and develop community bonds.

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The Schuylkill River Greenways National Heritage Area

The Schuylkill River Greenways National Heritage area celebrates the Schuylkill River watershed as one of America's most significant cultural, historical and industrial regions.

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