A membership in the YWCA gives you the power to create change. As a member, you are a part of a legacy of pioneers, who have fought to achieve fair wages, safe work places, the right to vote and abandon child labor. The YWCA continues to strive for a society free of discrimination based on gender, race, age, religion, culture or any other artificial criteria.

Annarose smilesA membership with YWCA Tri-County Area supports:

  • Our mission to eliminate racism and empower women
  • Local children who need safe and high quality early education for a great start in life
  • Programs to support the economic and social advancement of women, as well as women and girl's health and safety
  • Adult education programs to empower individuals to take control of their life
  • Programs to provide a safe space for teenage girls to learn and grow
  • Events which bring the community together and provide youth with positive role models


Membership to YWCA Tri-County Area is $40 per year.

Please contact Dawn Short at or 610-323-1888 ext 201 to join us!