YWCA USA History 

The earliest work of the YWCA involved providing services for young single women who flocked to urban centers to work and live on their own away from their families. These services included affordable lodging, employment bureaus and job training. However, it was not long into our organizational journey, 1911 according to the quote below, that the YWCA USA realized that to best serve women and girls we had to commit ourselves to providing a continuum of response to their needs. Our continuum of response includes direct services, issue education, and public policy advocacy.

It is a unique aspect of our organization that we combine direct services, programming and advocacy in order to generate institutional change. In many instances, YWCA associations provide a direct service or program, such as affordable day care, in order to remove barriers encountered by community stakeholders, such as women with children who need to seek and secure employment. In this way, the association treats both “symptoms” and “root” causes of a social problem.

YWCA Tri-County Area History 

YWCA (formerly “Young Women's Christian Association”) is the nation's oldest and largest women's multicultural membership organization, representing women's concerns and reaching women in 109 countries and over 200 local associations in the United States.

YWCA Tri-County Area began in Pottstown in 1908 in a two-story frame building. Its original focus was providing a safe and clean home, or "refuge" for homeless girls. Five years later it moved to the current location at 315 King Street, and expanded its services to include: educational programs in English, sewing, home nursing and public speaking; recreational opportunities such as basketball, roller skating and gymnastics; and special interest clubs.

Over the years YW programs evolved to stay relevant to the needs of the community and remains a leader in advocating for girls and women, and families providing quality programs and services designed to support and enrich the community.

YWCA Tri-County Area Today

Today YWCA Tri-County Area educates children youth, families, and communities; empowers you to learn, grow, become, and take a stand; and advocates for racial justice and civil rights, women and girl's empowerment and economic advancement, and women and girl's health and safety.


YWCA accomplishes these goals through a wide variety of programs. The early education centers educate children and provide chances for the economic advancement of women. The Education and Training Center educates communities, and empowers individuals to grow and become. The Healthy Pathways program educates youth and empowers girls to grow and take a stand.


YWCA Tri-County Area is experiencing huge growth and revitalization. If you would like to be a part of the change we are making in the community learn how you can get involved!